The work is a playful investigation into how to connect to my body, using materials as an interface. How can I stay present and connected to my senses in a society which I find very dissociative, which values external goals over internal experience? I am neurodivergent – I have ADHD – and my practice is the development of a sensory language that rejects the current supremacy of verbal language. Through my practice I am trying to support myself, and connect with others, in an experience of touch and sensation.

In relationship with materials, I slow down. I am careful with them, watch them closely: how they move, how they feel, how they sound. I almost treat them as another body, a person I am relating to. My work is often a result of finding a very small moment, a very slowed down, almost meditative few seconds, in which the material does something that surprises me / I learn something new about it. I then focus in on this moment and either through repetition or through zooming in on it with the camera / through sculpture, I amplify it to show it to others. The work is also very much about me though – about my learning to connect with myself and others through materials – my psychological projections onto materials. 

My theoretical research is on work and play in the art process for which I’ve been reading Gadamer, Deleuze, Arendt, Agamben and others. I am very interested in Joanna Grace’s sensory work for people with PMLD. Artists of particular current interest to me are Yvonne Rainer and Marginal Consort.