The work is a play investigation into touch, movement, sound, materials, agency (both human and non-human). I focus on the relationship between my body and materials: how I impact them and how they impact me. I am interested in slowing down and noticing small moments – the moment at which a material takes over and moves on its own, having been prompted by human touch / movement. I look at how I choose materials based on sound and touch as well as sight. The output of my practice is sculptural and performance-based – I find small moments of movement and sound that interest me in my play experiments with materials and then amplify them using film and performance.

The work uses very basic materials such as ducting, cardboard, foam – things that are often discarded or unnoticed in daily life. The idea of slowing down and noticing connects to my reading around Buddhism and my meditation practice. The focus on touch, sound, movement with these materials is a reaction against an anxious, dissociated, digital society that has lost connection to its senses.

My theoretical research is on work and play in the art process for which I’ve been reading Gadamer, Deleuze, Arendt, Agamben and others. I am very interested in Joanna Grace’s sensory work for individuals with PMLD. Artists of particular current interest to me are Yvonne Rainer and John Cage.