Workshops and Participatory Work

see for information about the sensory art sessions I run

July-September 2020
I am running sensory-based art workshops at the Third Age Project in person and at Great Ormond Street Hospital on zoom. These involve using touch, sound and colour to stimulate art-making.
Beautiful Oops: current participatory art project about the importance of mistakes

‘To How’ intervention at Giocosamente Festival, 12-14 June 2020
Do you know how to make a jam sandwich? Walk down the street? Touch your toes? This time, you’re being asked to do these things in a ‘To How’ way! What’s a ‘To How’ way? It’s a way of focusing on the process of the instruction rather than its result. There will be 5 ‘To How’ prompts that come spaced out throughout the festival on the festival forum. Participants are invited to make and post ‘To How’ videos – MAXIMUM TWENTY SECONDS – to demonstrate their ‘To How’ methods. This might look like you carrying out the instruction as normal but with a strong focus on the process. It might look totally different. It might look serious, it might look funny. Whatever it looks like, the important thing is a focus on the doing.

What is a Wheel participation work, July 2019 onwards
Alongside my work with sculpture and video for the project ‘What is a Wheel’, in July 2019 I started ‘The Wheel Challenge’ at Thought Foundation for the opening of the exhibition Art Meets Play. The challenge continued in Wheel Challenge (Andover) at Chapel Arts Studios for the residency Safe Play Area in August and then travelled to Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth in November 2019, see below for photos.