What is a Wheel

January 2019 onwards: What is a Wheel

‘What is a Wheel’ is an ongoing investigation into how we make choices through our senses, based on the form of a wheel. Play is important to this idea as play focuses on process not on the goal; play provides freedom for choices that are not goal-orientated but based on our experience of our senses in the moment, not choices in order to arrive at something. The idea of the wheel provides a framework for the project: a rule for the play. A wheel is significant as it has connotations of constant movement without an end-point.


Kite Flying


Spinning Top



Aspex Gallery Portsmouth, Platform 19 Award
October-December 2019

Art Meets Play, Thought Foundation, July-September 2019


Safe Play Area Residency with Susan Merrick and Cherilyn Yeates, August 2019

Dualism, Yorkshire Hub, Leeds and Pop-Up Play, James Hockey Gallery Farnham 


Alongside my work with sculpture and video for the project ‘What is a Wheel’, in July 2019 I started ‘The Wheel Challenge’ at Thought Foundation for the opening of the exhibition Art Meets Play. The challenge continued in Wheel Challenge (Andover) at Chapel Arts Studios for the residency Safe Play Area in August and then travelled to Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth in November 2019.