Current Project since January 2019: What is a Wheel

‘What is a Wheel’ is an ongoing investigation into how we make choices through our senses, based on the form of a wheel. Play is important to this idea as play focuses on process not on the goal; play provides freedom for choices that are not goal-orientated but based on our experience of our senses in the moment, not choices in order to arrive at something. The idea of the wheel provides a framework for the project: a rule for the play. A wheel is significant as it has connotations of constant movement without an end-point. Recent work (see video work) has focused on the movement of wheels above all – rolling, spinning, bouncing, etc. – and how different materials / actions influence these. 

Aspex Gallery Portsmouth, Platform 19 Award
October-December 2019

Art Meets Play, Thought Foundation, July-September 2019


Safe Play Area Residency with Susan Merrick and Cherilyn Yeates, August 2019

Dualism, Yorkshire Hub, Leeds and Pop-Up Play, James Hockey Gallery Farnham