Alongside my work with sculpture and video for the project ‘What is a Wheel’, in July 2019 I started ‘The Wheel Challenge’ at Thought Foundation for the opening of the exhibition Art Meets Play. The challenge continued in Wheel Challenge (Andover) at Chapel Arts Studios for the residency Safe Play Area in August.

Wheel Challenge (Andover) had 2 parts: a pop-up challenge in Andover Cemetery (Wheel Challenge (Andover) 1) and a scheduled challenge at the opening of Safe Play Area (Wheel Challenge (Andover) 2).

The next stop on the challenge will be….. Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth! In November 2019.

Wheel Challenge (Andover) 1: August 2019


Wheel Challenge (Andover) 2: August 2019



Wheel Challenge (Thought Foundation): July 2019



One of the challenges in Wheel Challenge (Thought Foundation) was ‘Make a wheel’ – the wheels made became a wall of wheels in the exhibition.